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This York, Maine home rests on a long-held family plot, historically used as farmland.

Low-impact intentions.

Capturing the essence and character of the home’s connection to the land, there was a conscious effort to limit square footage–controlling cost and future energy. Designing a home so linked to its surroundings required foresight and intention in every step.

Thoughtful simplicity.

Every corner of this 1,100 square foot home is accounted for, considered, and designed with its future purpose and ecological impact in mind. The thoughtful simplicity of this home carries from exterior to interior and back again. Maine-milled white cedar siding was left unfinished, reducing cost, footprint, and the need for future maintenance. Over time, it has weathered to a beautiful silver-grey, striking against the lush green of the home’s surroundings.

Inside out.

Materials were carefully considered so they could be repurposed sustainably. Locally sourced hemlock provided support to the second floor while adding natural warmth and a long-lived impression to the home. A carefully designed solar shade used to facilitate passive solar design shading the floor from the sun in the hottest months of the year while still allowing enough sunlight to penetrate and radiate warmth in the coldest. Light and air flow through an open-stringer staircase, allowing more connection between the ground floor and the second floor. With a simple, unembellished layout, openness is enhanced throughout the kitchen, dining, and living rooms, one transitioning freely to the next.

Principal architect:

Caleb Johnson

General Contractor:

Woodhull Construction

Project Manager:

Andrew Herbine

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