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Pieri Pines

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Pieri Pines

A young generation of family members comes together to build a place for themselves.

Familiar materials in a new form.

The house’s palette of materials is simple; its framing and most of its surfaces are wood. Glass and metal are the other major materials. The siding is local eastern white cedar stained to softly take direction from the modeled textures and colors of the trees and stones. The materials are familiar, but the form is new. The traditions of the Maine camp vernacular have been respected yet challenged and re-envisioned.

Spending time with family in a place worth lingering.

The lakeside property slopes dramatically to one of Maine’s incredible lakes. This challenging landscape required an inquisitive spirit and a belief in unseen potential. Three brothers meant three equal bedrooms, none being a primary. The communal spaces were prioritized to reinforce familial bonds.

Rooms that draw you in….and then outside.

The house derives its form from the landscape, and the concept began in sections rather than a floor plan. In a modern-day split-level concept, the entry level is a half flight above and below the other levels. The main living and kitchen site is a half flight down from the entry, while the three bedrooms sit a half story above the entry. This allows all the entry points to have a casual and gentle relationship to the exterior grade. Parking is near the top of the site, so make your way down toward the house.

The house invites you to step with the landscape and was designed around a large glacial boulder. The living room looks towards the boulder and deck while the second floor floats above it. The sloping site meant that the view sheds are predominantly downward; however, the roof form and second-story windows reach for sky views. The lakeside deck serves as an expanded living space and provides gentle access to a rear lawn before a meandering path leads you to the water. A view from the lake presents a house that both recedes while voicing an opinion; the house stands out while blending into the landscape.

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