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In the Dunes

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In the Dunes

A humble yet idyllic plot of land sat directly on the dunes, surrounded by unassuming coastal structures.

Harmony with character and coast. 

The intention was to harmonize, not overtake or overwhelm, the natural coastline and neighborly character. A candid client with a clear concept benefited close collaboration. The process resulted in an elevated design of pure geometric forms and soft, supple materials. The home invites everyone and everything to share in its spectacular celebration of space. 

An intertwine of light and form.

A dedicated focus on scale and form led to the development of two distinct spaces connected by a flat roof and large windows, creating a free flow of space, dimension, light, and air. Floor-to-ceiling windows and walkways showcase views in every direction. From office spaces to sleeping and living quarters, the marsh and ocean sweep across the home, coaxing visitors to a screened porch, then the deck, and finally the beach itself. Outside and inside intertwine seamlessly. 

Lasting grace.

Simple but reliable materials like douglas fir and white oak create a natural interior. Outside, cedar siding and metal roofing mingle with surroundings and promise integrity throughout the ages. The areas below the home become an extension of the living spaces above. Each decision made for a lasting and lingering embrace of every space. 

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