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Forever Home

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Forever Home

A pair of pastors had spent their lives traveling the country and setting up new homes in new cities as they moved from church to church. When it was time to come home for good, they wanted a comfortable, one-story space that could easily accommodate an aging lifestyle.

Career-long nomads finally come home.

Everything was designed to evolve effortlessly with the owners so that even in their nineties, it would feel and function the same as the day they walked through the front door.

Principal Architect: 

Caleb Johnson

Design Team: 

Cat Sumislaski, David Morris

General Contractor: 

Woodhull of Maine

Framing and Exterior Carpentry: 

John Haskell, Owner, Company 19

Project Manager: 

Coleman Motley

Easy come, easy go.

The tight, high-efficiency 2,200 sq ft home prioritized a barrier-free design, with minimal interruptions between people, gathering places, and the outside world. Glass was used as a primary material to inspire an uninhibited, free-flowing feel and invite the lush surrounding landscape into the everyday experience of the home. Simple lines and clean intersections reinforced the focus on openness and also allowed a canvas to layer in more traditional art and family heirlooms.

A long-anticipated exhale.

The design process expanded from a smaller vision and added to it, creating a thoughtful–and in no way in excess–home that fully realized every current and future need in the simplest expression. The construction process involved the greatest anticipation and emotional challenges, including the patience required to make everything just right. Yet, with open communication and close partnership, the end result became the greatest, long-anticipated exhale.

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