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Family Tradition

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Family Tradition

The ocean was the obvious focal inspiration for this family summer cottage on the Maine coast.  The design, pier engineering, and construction all presented less obvious challenges of working within the frontal dune site.

Facing and embracing the dune.

Regulations dictated that all new buildings within a flood hazard zone be elevated at least three feet above the high-water mark. In collaboration with structural engineers, a design using heavy timber piles to create a flow-through foundation was implemented and a free-flowing connection with the natural surroundings was maintained.

Of structure and sea.

With weathered cedar siding on the exterior and knotty pine on the interior, the natural tones of local surroundings are preserved throughout. Ocean views and breezes are as essential to this home as the kitchen, so every opportunity to transition from inside to outside is subtle yet open. The floor plan includes four bedrooms, each maximized for ocean views. Meanwhile, family gathering spaces within four distinct porches make up one-third of the square footage—a true partnership of structure and sea.

Principal architect:

Caleb Johnson

General Contractor:

Bob the Builder

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