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Ben’s Barn

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Ben’s Barn

With the goal of creating a lifetime residence for their growing family, this Maine-based couple wanted a home defined by shared spaces and inspired by connection.

Repurposed with purpose.

A secluded natural setting and attention to eco-friendly design led the focus on using both sustainable and upcycle salvaged materials. Repurposed elements formed the foundation for a modern structural design; a unique blend of old and new.

Open for use.

The layout of the first floor provides the family with ease of movement and open opportunity for gathering. The openness is maintained through the second floor with a floating staircase and walkway that leads to bedrooms. An accessible first-floor bedroom suite offers the opportunity to grow or change based on new dynamics and needs.

Exposed design and function.

The structural system of the home combines a stick-framed shell over new and antique timbers. Fortified with structural steel, it’s all exposed, never obscuring the design or function. Granite blocks from the original farmhouse foundation are featured in the landscape as steps and seating. A louvered cedar sunshade allows light to pass through and warm the home in the winter and provides shade in the summer.

Principal architect:

Caleb Johnson

General Contractor:



Ed Lavertu

Project Manager:

Andy Herbine, Caleb Johnson

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