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Beach Frame

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Beach Frame

Without a straight line in sight, curves and angles capture the essence of the natural landscape throughout this beachfront Maine home. 

A nonlinear narrative.

For a family who work in renewable energy, a focus on sustainable materials, limited impact on the environment, and energy efficiency was key to the design. The home was built to take a floating presence within the property’s sand dune. Rather than overwhelm surroundings, the home nestled in quietly.

Settling in.

Copper shed roofing allowed the home to settle into the landscape, never interrupting the skyline, even from a distance. White oak frames the shingle-style structure while steel railings and beams were left exposed to the elements to weather and match their setting. Local, custom millwork throughout the interior maintained a constant simplicity while built-ins for the children’s room highlight a more playful character. A connecting garage was designed as a continuation of the living space rather than a storage room, allowing a thoughtful, cohesive flow from one space to the next, and from inside to outside.

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