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Our teams’ first priority was to reinforce the existing fabric of the streetscape. While there were a few buildings that added to the charm we wanted to help make this busy intersection feel more cohesive. We chose to turn the ridge of the building ninety degrees relative the two buildings already part of the shop in order to achieve some variety and allow for a dramatic tall window that, in combination with a large central skylight, bathes the interior space in light as it makes its way through large scale trusses and structure that gradually diminishes in size. The structure for the second floor and roof stacks on itself so a visitor can intuitively understand the bones that hold building up. We gave all of the Maine Pine a whitewash to keep the structure bright and to blend in with the style that the owners have established in their stores and we chose polished concrete without any color added as a floor finish.

The storefront of Main Street buildings is crucial to display goods that will draw in the public. Working with the town we agreed to use a very traditional design to meet their historic ordinance and were happy to do so because of its attractive expanses of glass and beautiful recessed entries. We pushed the tall window in the gable in 6″ to give the facade depth and shadow and to reinforce the storefront beneath.

Working on Maine’s Main Streets is a privilege; they are exemplary examples of architecture and planning that have evolved beautiful patterns to meet practical needs.

Architect: Caleb Johnson Architects + Builders

Builder: Sylvain + Sevigny

Photography: Trent Bell Photography

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