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Two gallery owners were ready to add on to their popular space in Ogunquit, Maine but did not want to disrupt the existing character of the streetscape. 

Cohesive design.

Regulatory restraints and a historical ordinance from the town board added additional requirements that called for strategic solutions. A traditional design with innovative structural decisions brought cohesion to the surrounding buildings and vibrancy to the busy Main Street intersection.

 Vibrant revelations.

The ridge of the new structure was turned ninety degrees relative to the two buildings that were already part of the shop. This achieved some variety and allowed for a dramatic tall window that highlights an expanse of glass and beautiful recessed entries. In combination with a large central skylight, natural light from the window bathes the interior space moving from the street through large-scale trusses that gradually scale down in size. The second floor and roof stack on themselves, revealing the bones that hold the building up. The finished gallery is light and clean with whitewashed Maine Pine and polished, uncolored concrete floors that allow displayed artwork and goods to add vibrancy throughout.

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