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Cannabis Retail Shop Design

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Maine comes an exciting opportunity to transform the understanding of what cannabis architecture can be. We’re past the traditional “head shop” – We’re pushing new concepts and designs that cater to the needs of business owners and their consumers while strictly adhering to the guidelines set forth by the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy and local municipalities.

We understand that there is a real need for safe and responsible recreational cannabis use, and the right architecture and branding can reinforce this with an elevated quality of design.

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All retail is rooted in a common philosophy of providing an exceptional product and customer experience. First and foremost, the architects at Caleb Johnson Studio listen to and get to know our clients, ensuring a deep understanding of their brand and vision. This helps set expectations, priorities and opens the door to creative ideas and input.

Once that relationship is established, our team will visit the site, get a feel for the space and surroundings, and sketch initial thoughts based on the client’s vision and the requirements of the building site. From here, we can move forward with favored components and concepts that will lead to a final cannabis retail space design.

Retail Architecture in Maine

Our first cannabis store design project was Portland, Maine-based cannabis retailer SeaWeed Co., and this is a prime example of a building site inspiring design. The setting was calm and nestled into a quiet expanse of Maine wetland. This led to a natural inclination to design an environment that was comforting and enjoyable. Our goal was to create a sophisticated but approachable experience for adult recreational cannabis shoppers.

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