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Caleb Johnson Studio is a team of award-winning architects, designers, and builders based in Maine.

Our full-service team brings together creative expertise with a deep curiosity for how you want to experience your space. We believe great design is a reflection of an individual and the building site, and there is not a formula related to building styles past or present.

We specialize in custom design and build services for new homes, renovations, additions, and commercial projects. We are experts in navigating challenging waterfront properties and historic renovations.

Our work is informed by our home base in Maine, with a focus on the landscape, intentional materials, simplicity of expression, and timeless character.

Our Team

Building a lasting connection between being and place.

Caleb Johnson, AIA - Principal Architect
Caleb Johnson, AIA
Principal Architect
(207) 283-8777

In his 20 years of experience in architecture, Caleb has remained committed to building thoughtful spaces. As the founder of Caleb Johnson Studio and Woodhull Construction and Millwork, Caleb has spearheaded a team of award-winning architects, designers, and builders. His ability to capture the essence of the landscape and the value of materials sets the firm apart.

Growing up, Caleb planned to pursue a career as a fine artist. However, by his junior year of high school, he worried the medium wasn’t where his future lay. While working a summer job, his boss asked if he’d ever considered being an architect to utilize his technical drawing abilities. The title stuck. He became focused on becoming an architect, reading as many books as he could get his hands on. He studied everyone from Philip Johnson and Louis Kahn to Leonardo da Vinci.

In 1994, he started at Andrews University in Michigan, having the immediate feeling that he belonged there. After graduation, while on a trip to Chicago, Caleb picked up The New Cottage Home at a bookstore and contacted the architects whose work appealed to him. Six of those firms were in Maine.

“I think a lot about what’s behind it all, the beams holding it up, how they are represented in architecture, how architecture is an honest expression of the forces and materials it takes to create shelter for us, and how that impacts our daily lives. The quality of a space and what it’s built of can have a positive or negative effect on our lives.”

In 2003, Caleb started Johnson and Bell with award-winning Architectural Photographer, Trent Bell. The two would work on their first projects on Caleb’s front porch in the dead of a Maine winter. In 2006, Caleb took over full ownership of the firm, naming it Caleb Johnson Studio. 

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I picked up an architecture book in Chicago, and by far the majority of the architects in the book were in Maine. Maine resonates with people that just have to be outside, be around a beautiful landscape, and live in towns built on good principles. That’s why I’m in Maine. Maine is built of what I like: stone, lots of wood. There’s an ambiance here. The architecture I create is built of the same stuff. It just feels right to be here. Maine is home.”

David Duncan Morris, AIA, NCARB -
David Duncan Morris, AIA, NCARB
Director of Design

David Duncan Morris ensures the goals and philosophy of the studio meet. Generating ideas and working in tandem with Caleb, David oversees each project from beginning to end. He instills the core principles of thoughtful materials, space, and character.

“I wanted to be an architect before I even knew what an architect was.” Growing up in the south, David found himself obsessed with any and every home. He received his B.R. in Architecture at the University of Tennessee and studied at Poland’s Warsaw Polytechnic Institute before moving to Washington D.C. David first worked for a firm focused on private schools. They designed everything from gymnasiums to classrooms and theaters. But his desire to work on homes never faded, so he took work with a boutique firm renovating houses in D.C.

After one visit to Portland, Maine, he moved in 2015, taking his position with the studio. “Appreciation for the experience of good architecture is really valued here. People experience their lives in a really meaningful way. And that’s what separates us from other firms. We focus on the experience that the materials, light, air, and sight contribute. And in Maine, people are naturally civilized. They care about their environment, they want to live in nice harmony.”

A project that stands out in the Caleb Johnson Studio portfolio for David is Salt Spray. With a solid bond between team and homeowners, they were able to have the freedom of creative exploration. “We produce a lot of great buildings, but the favorite parts are when I get along with the client, and they get along with me. There’s a trusting relationship.” 

Before starting on any project, David visits the site, taking cues from the wind, topography, the available light, and accessibility. “I try to focus not just on the relationship of spaces but the proportions, usability, and function. How does the size of a room influence its ability to be enjoyed? A room is not just four walls, a ceiling, and a floor. It’s the art on the walls, the materials used, the shape, the height of a ceiling.”

Patrick Boothe, AIA, LEED AP BD+C - Project Architect
Patrick Boothe, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Director of Operations / Project Manager
(207) 956-0996

Patrick is Lead Architect for Commercial Design and Director of Operations. He works as the liaison between the studio, Woodhull Millwork and Woodhull Construction. Patrick ensures operations run smoothly, recognizing perspectives of each and facilitating a streamline of information.

Patrick found himself submerged in the craft early on. His father taught a college course on art and music’s influence in architecture. The dream was solidified at 12 years old during a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. “The moment I realized it was even better than what I imagined was when they were telling the story of the homeowners who contracted Wright to build the home. They wanted the focus of the house to be around a stone where they sunbathed and spent most of their time. Wright built around that stone, making it the hearth of the home.” 

Patrick studied architecture at Miami University in Ohio before receiving his master’s at Washington University in St. Louis and spending a semester abroad in Argentina. In 2008, he took on work in Washington D.C. for a firm focused on boutique restaurants. He then progressed to Project Architect on large-scale developments, including the $300M City Center DC Apartments, a ten-acre site downtown. 

Now at Caleb Johnson Studio, Patrick’s focus is on further building a portfolio of commercial projects with a great appreciation for design. The team’s latest work, South Portland’s Cannabis Dispensary, SeaWeed Co., stands out in his mind as a pivotal project. “Our best work occurs when there’s a collaboration between the owner, architect, contractor, and subcontractor. It’s beautiful when it comes together we’re aligned with the client on the core intent of the project.”

Peter Floeckher -
Peter Floeckher
Director of Residential Construction

As a 20-year woodworking veteran, Peter is the Director of Construction. He spearheads all program efforts, from client relations and project development to business management and scheduling. In his time with Woodhull Construction, he’s worked on a range of projects including simple interior renovations and complex new builds.

For Peter, establishing a strong level of trust with clients drives his work. “It’s not lost on me that for many people taking on a new project, it may be one of the most daunting and biggest investments they will make in their lifetime. It’s critical that there be that foundation of trust from day one. Being informative, transparent, and honest is where I like to start.”

Scott Stuart -
Scott Stuart
Director of Millwork, Woodhull
207 807 6451

With 37 years of experience, Scott Stuart leads as Director of Millwork at Woodhull with insight, artistry, and a dedication to his craft. He oversees all aspects of millwork projects, from initial design support through production. Scott started with Woodhull in 2016 after an already notable career as a professional woodworker, having worked on everything from classic New England homes to Maine built super yachts. A keeper of the craft, Scott belongs to one of the last generations who learned on an analog system, woodworking without automation. He appreciates and protects the original art, offering his team perspective and a commitment to thoroughly enjoying the work.

Michael Cleary -
Michael Cleary
Director of Commercial Construction, Woodhull
Teresa Telander -
Teresa Telander
Project Manager
(207) 956-0995

As Project Manager at Caleb Johnson Studio, Teresa Telander brings a fresh perspective and diverse insight to each project. She expertly manages the design and building goals while maintaining client vision and expectations. A Swedish national born and raised on the south coast of Spain, Teresa found herself immersed in two different cultures—leading to a strong appreciation for balance, translating in her work as the harmony of functionality and visual appeal. After her architecture training in the UK at the University of Brighton, Teresa participated in a construction workshop at Arcosanti in Arizona. She contributed to construction projects in Costa Rica and New Zealand before working with a high-end firm for nine years. She joined Caleb Johnson Studio in 2019 and today lives on the East End in Portland. 

Project Manager

Project Manager Amit Oza started an ambitious career path at Boston’s Northeastern before receiving a master’s from the University of Texas at Austin. After working for ten years in Boston on residential and multi-family units, institutional buildings, libraries, and museums, Amit joined Caleb Johnson Studio in 2020. With a focus on residential projects, Amit is in charge of managing and overseeing the design of the studio’s homes and renovations—dealing with all aspects from client care to project drawing. He draws inspiration from quiet, natural simplicity and the varied Maine landscapes and finds the best solutions are often realized after time spent outside.

Chris Garland, AIA -
Chris Garland, AIA
Project Manager
Amy Kronenthal, CPA -
Amy Kronenthal, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
(207) 204-7313

An Indiana native but summer Mainer all her life, Amy Kronenthal took the first chance she had to make Maine her permanent home. After graduating from Southern New Hampshire University with a Masters in Organizational Leadership, she worked in finance for several years before gaining her CPA license. Amy joined Caleb Johnson Studio in 2016 as Chief Financial Officer and today guides the entrepreneurial vision while working directly with clients, partners, and the Studio staff on all financial matters. Amy thrives in a creative environment. She is inspired by a commitment to community and clients and says she is constantly in awe of the beauty that is developed by the talented team of Caleb Johnson Studio.

Michael Chestnutt -
Michael Chestnutt
Project Architect
Jason Colpitts -
Jason Colpitts
Architectural Designer

From building skateboard ramps as a kid to his Architecture studies at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Jason Colpitts has loved problem-solving and drawing. After receiving his Master of Architecture in 2013, he worked about two and a half years as a carpenter, gaining value and understanding the craft. At Caleb Johnson Studio, Jason’s time is spent designing and drawing projects from start to finish. His carpentry experience allows him to dive deep into detailing and developing the building envelope, pushing new construction techniques where he can. The landscape is a significant component of Jason’s influences, and he finds Maine’s rocky coast and rich forests the perfect spaces for reflection and inspiration.

Amanda Cleary -
Amanda Cleary
Project Coordinator
(207) 956-0988

A graduate of St. Michael’s College in Vermont with training in painting, ceramics, and graphic design, Amanda’s artistic instincts make her a team-wide asset. As the first person clients interact with, Amanda’s focus is listening and understanding how they want their space to function and feel—what are the views like and what rooms they want to enjoy them from? Setting expectations surrounding scope, budget, and schedule, she walks clients through the sometimes emotional and daunting design process with expertise and compassion. Aside from managing pre-contract coordination, Amanda works directly with the marketing team, defining vision, strategy, and company goals. 

Lydia Mather -
Lydia Mather
Architectural Designer

Lydia Mather remembers flipping through books on housing models as a kid, marking them good or bad with a pen. But it wasn’t until high school that she considered studying Architecture. Thanks to a school advisor, she discovered she could do a five-year degree at the University of Maine in Augusta and in 2017 graduated with a Bachelors degree in Architecture. As an Architectural Designer, Lydia works with the Director of Design and Project Managers to draw and create models of projects. With a focus on the experience of a space, she is drawn to nature’s influence and incorporating its materials into design.

Gabi Lesch -
Gabi Lesch
Office Manager

As the daughter of an Architect, Gabi Lesch has been around the industry her entire life. She has a B.A. from McGill University and, after graduation, worked as a Real Estate Agent, a Program Manager at an organic farm, and an Office Manager at a landscape architecture firm. As the Office Manager of Caleb Johnson Studio and Woodhull, Gabi works at the intersection of human resources, IT, communications, and office administration, ensuring all runs smoothly for the entire team. With an endlessly optimistic attitude and outlook, she has an approachable energy genuinely valued by all.

Josh Jacques -
Josh Jacques
Project Architect
(207) 956-0502

Josh is a licensed architect managing various residential and commercial projects within the firm. He currently holds a Bachelors of Science in Architecture from The Catholic University of America. Previously, he worked in Washington D.C. on projects ranging from renovations to large multi-family and mixed-use buildings. His devotion to the natural world brings along an honest and balanced design approach to all projects.

Bud Angst -
Bud Angst

As early as the third grade, Bud Angst knew he wanted to be an Architect, and it was a high school architectural design course that sealed his fate. He received his B.S. in Architecture and a Masters of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology before working as a lead designer for a timber and frame design-build contractor in Maine. Bud joined Caleb Johnson Studio in 2017. Today he is an active designer and project manager, working on residential projects from the pre-design phases through construction. His goal for each home is to create a beautiful space that meets client needs and budget while pushing the design and construction quality in Maine higher with every project. 

Stacey Woodworth, AIA, NCARB -
Stacey Woodworth, AIA, NCARB
Project Architect

After studying Cognitive Science at McGill University in Montreal, Stacey Woodworth went on to get a degree in Architecture at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Today, she is an Architect with the Caleb Johnson Studio team. With a focus on interiors, Stacey is guided by the core values she learned at Dalhousie—keep it local, keep it honest. With a keen eye for detail, Stacey finds reward in working with clients who value the careful consideration of all aspects of design. She is fascinated by projects that are designed seamlessly across the scale, from exterior envelopes down to the forks in the drawers.

Ali Ward -
Ali Ward
Architectural Designer
(207) 956-5680

For as long as she can remember, Ali Ward planned on being an Architect, touring as many historic homes as she could, as often as she could. She received her Master of Architecture from St. Louis Washington University after attending Catholic University in D.C. As one of Caleb Johnson Studio’s Architectural Designers, Ali works closely with the team in project development through all design phases. At the start of any project, her goal is to understand the building site through and through. What makes it unique? What are the challenges? Both bring opportunities for pushing boundaries in design.

Kasyap Valiveti -
Kasyap Valiveti
Architectural Designer
207-283-8777 x815
Jenny Dillon -
Jenny Dillon
Architectural Designer
Jason Jirele -
Jason Jirele
Architectural Designer
(207) 956-5169
Darlene Gregoire -
Darlene Gregoire
Construction Administrator
(207) 283-8777

Darlene Gregoire found herself first working for an architecture firm while attending the University of Southern Maine for Business and found it the perfect fit. Darlene’s worked with Woodhull since 2016, after years at a Maine design and engineering firm. Working behind the scenes as Construction Administrator, Darlene manages to keep all project business running smoothly and efficiently between the Studio and Woodhull. Her days are never the same, as she balances invoicing, project insurance, vendors and subcontractors, and project closings. Her years of exposure to the industry provides her a keen sense of style, building and design trends, and an unmatched understanding of the design and build process.

Coleman Motley -
Coleman Motley
Project Manager, Woodhull Construction
Dee Dee Germain -
Dee Dee Germain
Project Manager, Woodhull Construction
Forrest Butler -
Forrest Butler
Project Manager, Woodhull Construction
Keith Levan -
Keith Levan
Project Manager, Woodhull Construction

Drawn to the complexities of building and construction, Keith Levan started studying carpentry as early as high school. Upon graduation, he teamed up with a local carpentry outfit, apprenticing under the head carpenter. Now at Woodhull Construction, Keith works as Project Manager, staying one step ahead while leading two or three projects at a time—from scheduling and budgeting to collaborating with the design team. With a focus on establishing good rapport with clients and the carpentry team, Keith builds trust and loyalty between the two. Once that’s developed, the rest of the project falls into place. A Mainer through and through, Keith appreciates the rugged nature of the state’s landscape and the dedication its people show for their passions.

Jason Dill -
Jason Dill
Project Manager, Woodhull Construction

A graduate of Colorado State University with a B.S. in Construction Management, Jason Dill joined Woodhull in 2020. As a Project Manager, he oversees the timeline, budget, and safety guidelines of each building job. Aside from management, Jason works in pre-construction, helping with budgets on preliminary designs for upcoming Woodhull projects.

Leon Genre -
Leon Genre
Pre Construction Manager, Woodhull

Growing up in a family of contractors, Leone Genre never thought he’d work in any other industry for a minute. To this day, he admires the camaraderie and energy that exists on sites. Leon received his degree in Business from the University of Southern Maine but feels most of his experience was gained doing the hands-on work of historic preservations at a Portland, Maine mill shop. Today at Woodhull, he is Project Coordinator, aligning all that goes into a successful project. He works closely with the design team to help manage the design and budget for clients and puts together pricing at various design stages. Throughout the process, Leone consults with project managers, subcontractors, and vendors to ensure everyone has what they need to be successful. 

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